019: How to Start a Business with a Newborn in Tow with Mompreneur Nicole Gleeson.

and how Nicole turned finding out her daughter would be born with a birth defect into something positive for girls around the world.


  • From planning summer camps to kits for girls and their moms

  • How a crazy pregnancy and finding out her daughter was going to have a birthd efect created a positive company.

  • The final straw that made Nicole decide she HAD to hire an employee in her mom owned business.

  • The most important thing to find in an employee - believing in her cause

  • How to find your strengths and weaknesses as a mom entrepreneur.

  • Free up brain power by planning

  • How Nicole has used her background in sales in her business.

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Mompreneur Podcast Challenge:

Create a gratitude journal.

mompreneur Nicole Gleeson

Every day, write three things you are grateful for.

Even if you have had the worst day and don’t know what you’re going to do next, you can always find three things.

It’s amazing what this can do for your mindset and your attitude.

Quick Q&A:

What’s one of your favorite business books, and what was the key take away?

What go you here won’t get you there.

Evolve your company, because your systems and processes that got you where you are now will NOT get you to the next level.


Favorite business quote?

ABC - Always Be Closing.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the order. Ask for the deal. Ask for what you want in life.

If you can only leave one piece of advice to your children, what would that be?

Live in the now. Life is short, and you can’t take everything for granted.

What’s the one business tool you use that you cannot live without?

My husband. He’s my confidant, my #1 adviser.


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twitter- @littlemizzkit

instagram- LittleMizzKit


Mompreneur Bio - Nicole Gleeson of Little Mizz Kit

Nicole Gleeson was born and raised in Orange County, California. Her first job was working at Girl Mania, putting on birthday parties and teaching arts & crafts. As a young entrepreneur, Nicole started her own summer camps for girls, focusing on the arts, fashion and fitness. After college, Nicole started a career in the consumer goods industry and worked in corporate America for almost a decade. During that time Nicole met her husband, got married and moved to beautiful San Diego, where she resides today.

Throughout her years in corporate America, Nicole always felt a passion for children, especially young girls. It was when she became pregnant with her daughter that Nicole felt called to purse her passion project which became Little Mizz Kit.

Almost 15 weeks into her pregnancy Nicole and her Husband found out the devastating news that their daughter was diagnosed with gastroschisis. Determined to find the silver lining, Nicole leveraged this opportunity to channel her energy into a project that would positively impact her daughter and your girls everywhere. She wanted to create a movement that prioritizes the confidence and creativity of young women allowing them the courage to know that no obstacle is too large. No goal too lofty.