029: Increase your bottom line 30% by “playing” instead of “paying” with Mompreneur Nellie Akalp

mompreneur Nellie Akalp
  • Increase your bottom line by becoming the expert with unpaid marketing and no hidden agenda.

  • How Nelly increased her bottom line 30-40% by being disruptive in her business.

  • Why following her old business model of success almost caused complete failure in her new business

  • How relationships and service skyrocketed her second business to the top, even with so much competition.

  • How to be significant, not just successful, and why we should all strive for that.

  • Why even after selling her first business to Intuit in 2005 for a large sum of money, she still went back to entrepreneurship.

  • Why cutting paid advertising was key to CorpNet’s success

  • Nellie’s strategy of “play to play,” not “pay to play.”

  • The two things Nellie HAS to have done at the end of each day to feel on top of work and life (Hint: much more simple than you’d think)

  • How Nellie uses a reward system with her four children.

  • Why following her old business model of success almost caused complete failure in her new business

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Quick Q&A:

What’s one of your favorite business books, and what was the key take away?

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Key point: Big company’s are made from the sum of all their parts, including all employees. Your team should be powered by service.


Favorite business quote?

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. - Mark Twain
“Failure in my opinion is an opportunity to be seized” - Nellie Akalp


If you can only leave one piece of advice to your children, what would that be?

Be authentic.


Listener Challenge:

Do one thing differently every day. BE disruptive. Do this for at least a week, but 30 days is better to change a habit.

Example: Out of the blue, say “hi” to someone, or do a nice gesture for a complete stranger.

You never know what opportunities will come out of this.


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Mompreneur Bio

I am a serial entrepreneur, small business advocate, speaker and author. Through the various “Do-It-Yourself” and “Business-Startup” services I have founded since 1997, I have formed over 200,000 corporations and LLCs for small business owners.

My last company was acquired by Intuit in 2005. Today, my husband, Phil and I operate CorpNet.com where we help entrepreneurs start a business, Incorporate, Form an LLC, set up Sole Proprietorships (DBAs) and maintain a business in compliance with state filing requirements for a new or existing business.

I share my expert tips with readers at Forbes, Entrepreneur and Mashable and is a regular guest expert on the Fox Small Business Center. I was named a Top 100 Small Business Influencer in 2012, 2013, and 2014 by Small Business Trends.