009: 4 Keys to Finding Your Fastest Path to Cash with Mompreneur Ling Wong.

and to stop wasting time in the hamster wheel.

  • Build the foundation before you build the roof - stop cycling through the hamster wheel of social media, networking events, and instead figure out your own foundation.

  • 4 keys to find your fastest path to cash in your mom business.

  • Why picking a niche can sometimes cause more harm than good and take you down the wrong rabbit hole

  • Stop wasting your time on what all of the marketing and business gurus are saying, and instead focus on what’s working for you

  • How to come up with your own filter for what you should & shouldn’t do

  • Quit making your business “cookie cutter” - if you’re a coach you don’t HAVE to do long programs.

  • Why Ling doesn’t use scheduling software

  • Stop hiding behind 7 step articles and take action

  • How to figure out why you’re doing what you’re doing

  • Why templates and canned copy can do more harm than good

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Quick Q&A:

What’s one of your favorite business books, and what was the key take away?

“The Motivation Manifesto” by Brandon Burchard


Personal responsibility - take responsibility because you are controlling your life.

If the only thing you could leave to your children after you’re gone was one piece of advice, what would that be?

“Give a s#$!”

What’s the one business tool you use that you cannot live without?

MailChimp for her Email Newsletter - so she can cultivate relationships.


Mom Entrepreneur Challenge:

For 1-5 days, during your working hours, set an alarm.

Have an alarm go off every hour that tells you to stop, and give yourself a gut check, “am I doing something that is moving me toward my goal?” Or is it out of fear or conformity?


How can listeners connect with you online?




Mompreneur Bio:

Ling offers “Business Soulwork + Marketing Activation” to help Maverick Entrepreneurs nail their Messages, claim their Superpowers and muster up the Guts to monetize their Truth so they can build a purposeful Personality-Driven business that is a full expression of their creativity and individuality.

Ling helps her clients supercharge their actions not only through smart strategies and practical tools, but also through their personal growth and development – so they not only grow their business, but also let their business grow them.

Through her “left brain meets right brain” Heart + Guts approach, Ling helps her clients tap into their intuition and ground those light bulb moments with practical strategies and marketing tactics to build a profitable and sustainable business that is a full expression of themselves.

Prior to becoming a business and marketing coach with her unique Mindset + Psychic twist, Ling studied design and architecture at Yale University and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, then spent 10 years working in the online marketing industry with a focus on strategy and design. She is also certified as a health coach, Sacred Money Archetype coach, and Fear Releasing Method Practitioner.