024: 4 Pillars to Mama Bliss with Mompreneur Kathy Stowell

Self-care, Creativity, Values & Simplicity - how to use them to skyrocket your business and life.

Mompreneur Kathy Stowell
  • The 4 pillars to mama bliss and how you can use them to excel your business and life

  • Finding your peak time to work and play so you can be the most efficient mompreneur you can be!

  • How and why Kathy works with a VA so she can feel like a superhero with the ability to do anything

  • The best way to prioritize your day without feeling like your brain is going to explode

  • Why you need to parent like EVERYONE is watching, and work like everyone is watching

  • Kathy’s embarrassing moment in the grocery store, and how she learned a valuable lesson from that.

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Quick Mompreneur Q&A:

What’s one of your favorite business books, and what was the key take away?

The Prosperous Coach by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin

Favorite business quote?

“What you focus on grows.”

If you can only leave one piece of advice to your children, what would that be?

“Wash your hands.” Both literally (I’m a germaphobe) and mentally. You can do and try anything you want, get your hands dirty, and you can always wash them.

What’s the one business tool you use that you cannot live without?


Mom Business Owner Challenge:

Every night make a list to move you forward the next day.

Write 5 tasks to move your business forward (night before)

The next morning, look at those 5 things and put a star in front of the items that are direct money makers. Put 2 stars in front of what is your #1 priority.

The goal here is to cross off 3 stars. Make it a three star day!

Try to at least cross off one star each day.


How can listeners connect with you online?







Mompreneur Bio

Kathy helps moms who love blogging turn their hobby into a heart-centered, ad-free, dream biz. She's also the founder of Mama Bliss Coaching School - a 12 week training program to give moms the tools to coach other moms in their specific area of passion.

Kathy and her family just moved from their hobby farm to the burbs so they can maintain their status as a one car family. When she's not writing, coaching or podcasting you can find her eating an inappropriate amount of food PLUS a glass of wine before heading off to a hot yoga or belly dance class.