#002: Stay Connected with your Family While Working Demanding Hours.

With Mom Business Expert Julie Jaksha

  • How mompreneurs can stay connected with your family even when you have demanding hours.

  • How to guide your life and business with a personal mission statement

  • The #1 mistake most mom businesses make and how to fix it

  • What to do if the clients don’t come like you planned

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions - you’re not a CPA, you’re not a lawyer

  • What to do when you need time but can’t afford a full or part-time job

  • How you can leverage your community for free resources

  • How you can still have a good family life even when you have to work demanding hours

  • The non-traditional benefits you can offer your employees when higher pay and traditional medical and dental benefits aren’t possible.

  • Julie’s hard-and-fast rule to make sure her family touches base every day, even when things are hectic and she doesn’t see her family in the morning.

  • How to work your busy schedule around your family and ditch the traditional 9-5.

  • Setting boundaries so you can avoid the “squirrel” mentality.

  • Are you the water bottle or the can of coke?

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Quick Q&A:


Favorite Business Book:

The One Hour Plan For Growth: How a Single Sheet of Paper Can Take Your Business to the Next Level by Joe Calhoon            

If the only thing you could leave to your children after you’re gone was one piece of advice, what would that be?

Always be true to yourself, have high morals, and at the end of the day, be proud of what you’ve done. And if you can’t, then you better go back the next day and do some things.

Favorite business quote:

“Don’t be afraid to fail, but be afraid not to try.”

What’s the one business tool you use that you cannot live without?

Her desk calendar. Her entire life is in her desk calendar.


Listener Challenge for Mom Entrepreneurs:

Pick a business component you don’t understand. Every day, spend 10 minutes focusing on something you don’t know about it. At the end of the week, look back and see if you learned anything or if you need to continue finding out more information.

Ex: If you aren’t good at networking, day 1 might be writing an elevator pitch. Or, just simply sit down and start writing. If I only have 30 seconds to talk to someone, what are the most important things they need to know.

How can Mom Business owners connect with you online?





Mom Business Expert Bio:

Julie is the Director of the Small Business Development Center for Headwaters RC&D in Butte Montana. In her current position she helps businesses with business planning, marketing, financials, and growth strategies throughout the 7 counties that Headwaters serves. The mission of her office is to build, sustain and promote small business and enhance the local economy through job and business creation.

She has over 16 years in the banking industry working at both Wells Fargo and First Montana Bank before joining Headwaters in 2009. In 2013 she completed the National Development Council Economic Development Finance Professional program and earned certification. In addition she is a trained facilitator for Edward Lowe Peersepective Program and Profit Mastery, a financial education program for small business owners. She was awarded SBDC State Star for Montana 2014 and was honored at a reception in Texas in September.

Julie also volunteers her time serving on numerous public and private boards including, Butte Silver Bow Zoning Board, Insure Montana Board, Montana Community Finance Corporation Loan Committee, and the Montana Youth Soccer Association. Julie started the first official Start-Up event in August and has grown the group to 50 members. She is attending Montana Tech, working towards completing her BA in business management.

Julie and her husband Steve have 3 amazing children, Seth, Hailey and Kenzie. Julie and her family like to spend their weekends traveling for soccer games, as well as skiing, camping, rafting, fishing and hiking.



(Includes cash-flow & business planning worksheets)