025: Baby Seller that Lived in my Basement + Niche Benefits without committing to a Niche - solo Mompreneur episode

What selling babies has to do with finding the hole in the market and taking it over.


Photo session in Gerie the baby sellers old bedroom.
  • How to sell babies...wait...just kidding!

  • How Gerty the baby seller found a need (people who needed their secrets kept but didn’t want an abortion) and filled it (selling babies without leaving a paper trail...aka forged birth certificates)

  • You don’t need to commit to a niche if you follow the roadmap of baby seller Gerty, especially if you are in a small market that can’t support a small niche.

  • Save time by creating a small project that feeds into your overall business

  • How I have generated thousands of dollars in my normally dead season

  • How the QUEEN of “I can’t pick a niche!” (aka me) figured out a way to get the benefits of a niche without niching. (how many more times can I say niche in a sentence?)

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Links from this solo Mompreneur Episode:


Gerties Babies Information:

New York Times April 2015 article about Gertie’s Babies

Official Gerties Babies website, with intriguing stories.

Article about Gertie living in in my basement - by historian Richard Gibson


References to my niche projects:

Who I am Project - tweens ages 10-13 mixed with parent interviews

Celebrate Mothers Project - a project around getting moms IN the project, and creating written word art with the photos.


Listener Challenge:

If you’re like me and don’t want to commit to a niche or don’t think your small market can sustain your niche (and feed your children) then this challenge is perfect for you.


  1. What area of business do you love, that if you could, you would make your niche?

  2. What area of your industry is there a need that isn’t filled?

  3. Combine your LOVE niche with the hole in your industry. Be creative. For example, I love high school seniors, and picked “tweens” ages 10-13 because it has similar qualities that I love, and I know it will create more high school senior business in years to come.

  4. What can you add to this hole + niche to create something totally unique? For me, I created the “Who I Am” project for tweens where I combine interviews from parents, relatives and coaches to create something more emotional and beyond “just a nice photo.”

  5. Get out your calendar. Do you have a slow season, or a month where you don’t have much business scheduled?

  6. Create a promotion around your new found project (hole + niche + unique angle) and create a separate page on your website to direct people to.