#003: The Surprising Marketing She Uses to Save Time and Multiply Results

With Mompreneur Elke Govertsen

  • How to transform vague goals like “how to be a good mom” or “self esteem” and make it something tangible and practical to do.

  • How the pain and guilt of motherhood inspired Mamalode, a print and online magazine

  • How mom business owner Elke transformed her fear of sales and negative sleeziness into something that helps businesses.

  • The surprising event she attended that scaled much more than going to the typical blogging conference.

  • The thing most new parents are afraid to talk about.

  • How Elke carved a unique place in the parenting market by using the concept of writing as if you’re just talking to your best friend.

  • How to break down big projects into small steps.

  • How to stop analysis paralysis before it starts

  • How she’s learned to be ok with the small things like piles of laundry and stacks of yogurt containers, so she can focus on bigger issues.

  • The Yogurt Factor - Redefining motherhood - moving past the idea of moms either being (1) perfectly packaged mom with the pinterest-esque birthday party, or (2) the frazzled, bumbling idiot mom.

  • Why are diaper bags always made to look like a little kid should be wearing it?

  • How to think creatively to get an effective reach.

  • “Where else will you be a delightful surprise?”

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Quick Q&A:

What’s one of your favorite business books, and what was the key take away?

Grow by Jim Stangel

Key point: Businesses need  to have their “why” and something people can rally around. To make it about an impact instead of a product or service.

If the only thing you could leave to your children after you’re gone was one piece of advice, what would that be?

Make sure you always make room at the table for more people.


Mompreneur Challenge:

As you go through your day, take pause of your initial knee-jerk reaction or pattern, and just do anything else. Whatever your first response is, recognize it, but don’t do it, do something else. Do anything else - even if you can’t figure out something else to do, just do a jumping jack.

Example: If your husband bugs you, don’t rip him apart like you always do. Do something else. Maybe you walk out of the room.

Challenge 2: Take a day and say “yes” to everything. Now take note of what about this work and what doesn’t work. The only caveat is you don’t have to be on any boards or committees.


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Mompreneur Bio:

Elke became an entrepreneur at age 16 as a welder, and now publishes mamalode, among also doing custom publishing, business coaching, speaking, writing, and photography. Elke has a talent for making something out of nothing, and making sure that something is special. She loves solving problems, with one exception: getting the laundry done.

Featured in:

Huffington Post

TEDx talk

30 under 40

Addy awards

Aster awards

Best american essays 2013

America's Best parenting magazine-- Lisa Stone CEO of BlogHer

Elke is the founder of Mamalode magazine (print, online, events, radio, iPad)