#005: Using pinterest to effect your bottom line more than main stream magaziens - With Mompreneur Catherine Cottingham

  • Catherine’s exact system for managing her business, life, employees, and overwhelm.

  • Why Catherine did the exact opposite of what the “big time” people in her industry were telling her to do.

  • Why Mom business owner Catherine has purposely kept her business small when she could have grown exponentially.

  • Why Pinterest has grown her business more than mainstream magazines like Good Housekeeping and USA Today’s Modern Woman.

  • How to avoid risk, and how despite being a new company in a poor economy, she was able to adjust and grow.

  • Why staying small can make you more money than becoming global.

  • How Catherine uses connection and her brand as marketing.

  • How Catherine avoids overwhelm during the busy holiday seasons, and why she takes her products off of certain websites during those times.

  • The most overwhelming day of Catherine’s life, and how she handled it.

  • How to go on maternity leave, handle the workload, and still have time for your new baby.

  • Hiring interns the right way, so you are getting help not creating more work for yourself.

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Quick Q&A:

What’s one of your favorite business books, and what was the key take away?

Tribes by Seth Godin

Creating tribes around your brand and what you stand for.


Favorite business quote?

Logic will take you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere. -Albert Einstein

What’s the one business tool you use that you cannot live without?

Asana - the project App that organizes her entire business.


Mom Entrepreneur Challenge:

Have an agenda and a calendar of the day, where you really go over everything for your business, life and home.

Realistically plan out your day the night before.

Do this for a week, and see if it adds a structure to your to do list and all of the things floating around in your head.


How can listeners connect with you online?








Mompreneur Bio

Catherine Cottingham wants to live in a world where businesses are fueled by community and connectedness, and where corporate responsibility is like deodorant… without it, no one wants to be near you.

As a designer, store owner, and ‘socialpreneuer’ (coming soon to a dictionary near you), she’s been featured in Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, the Style Network, Good Housekeeping, and a variety of other media outlets. She’s designed a capsule collection for W Hotels Worldwide, shown her work on runways from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to Qatar, and won Best Designer by People’s Choice at the inaugural Austin Fashion Awards.

When she’s not sanding gold or trying to photograph bracelets on her own wrist, she’s playing cars, cutting grapes, or engaging in a number of family activities that don’t include sleep.

After a decade in business, her decision to turn the Catherine Nicole Collection into a larger online boutique sprouted from a several year itch to cut the middleman and connect directly with her customer, and to embed a philanthropic component in the heart of her business. It also enables her to find and offer unusual, affordable, and hard-to-find pieces from other designers.

Visit Catherine’s store at CatherineNicole.com, and learn more about the program which uses $5 from your purchase to educate, empower and employ young Ugandan women.