008: How to Stop Giving the Best “You” to Your Work, & Worst “You” to Your Family- with Mompreneur Brooke Michie.

Strategies to save time, make more, and keep your partner and social relationships happy.

  • Why she decided to start her own business, and quit “working for the man”

  • The one thing Mompreneur Brooke does after each appointment that saves her a ton of time, gives her peace of mind, makes her more money, and ensures people don’t need to get in “last minute” and causing her stress.

  • If your workplace gets the best of you, and your family gets the worst of you, maybe it’s time to start your own business.

  • What do you want your life to look life on the daily?

  • What to do when you start becoming a mom business work-a-holic again.

  • Keeping Sundays off-limit to work.

  • If you could do anything all day, every day, and love it and do it for free, what would that be?

  • What Brooke does when she loses her passion for her business.

  • Why choosing a business with variety can keep you passionate about your business.

  • How to keep your friendships strong when you feel like you’re working all the time.

  • How she quickly grew her clientele

  • How to put boundaries on your time

  • How your attitude can affect your bottom line

  • How to keep your relationship with your partner close, even with kids AND business.

  • How Brooke rewards her best clients to keep them coming back.

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Mom Entrepreneur Challenge:

mompreneur Brooke Michie

You know that uncomfortable confrontation you’ve been dreading?

Lets make TODAY the day that this is your priority.

Take care of that ONE thing you need to do, so you can enjoy the rest of your day, week, month.


Quick Q&A:

If you could leave your children with only one piece of advice, what would that be?

Help people, and let people help you. Make real, meaningful connections with people because that allows you to live the most enriched life possible.


Business quote:

80% of your income comes from 20% of your clients.


“You've got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away
And know when to run
You never count your money
When you're sittin' at the table
There'll be time enough for countin'
When the dealin's done”

- Kenny Rogers


What’s the one business tool you use that you cannot live without?

Using an online booking system.


How Mompreneurs can Connect with Brooke




Mom Business Bio

In late 2000, Brooke Michie found herself wondering what on earth she was meant to so after graduating with a design theory degree from the School of Fine Arts at the University of Texas in Austin. By chance and mutual classes, she met her life partner Paul, and the two entrepreneurial-minded young people set out to have fun together doing what they loved. If only it was that easy! After an exciting, challenging, and moderately successful foray into owning a decorative painting business together in the early 2000s, (anyone remember faux painting?), and quite a few incredibly lucky opportunities at freelancing in graphic design, Brooke decided to ask the one question that led her to her life today: "What would I do all day, every day, that would make me happy? Even for free." "That's it", she thought- I'm going to hair school.

After years of working in the salon environment during college and doing freelance graphic design work for salons, Brooke knew she felt most at home there. While in beauty school, Brooke worked part time at a very nice Italian restaurant and although burned out, she grew to develop the skill of multitasking and responding to multiple demands in each arena of her life, preparing her for what was to come later: motherhood.

After an apprenticeship, years developing her craft, getting married, and having children, Brooke knew that if she wanted to continue doing what she used to love to do, hair, the situation would have to change. No more working 60 hours a week and skipping lunches.

Thus began the interesting road toward self employment and entrepreneurship. Over four years, Brooke's income has doubled and her clientele has grown. She has taught for well-loved cult-product line Deva Curl. And most importantly, Brooke remains grateful to all those in her life who make it possible for her to still be in love with her husband, her family, her friends and her career.