010: Ash Ambirge’s 3 Part Formula for Writing Content With Personality that People Will Care About

And How Ash Hit 6 Figures Her First Year in Online Business

  • The one thing you should do at the beginning of every day to make the rest of your day go better, to get rid of overwhelm in your mom business.

  • As a mompreneur, how to take something you love and find the right angle so you can make it into a business.

  • Why you need to reschedule something TODAY and work on something you love.

  • Ash’s story from poverty to 100k months.

  • The little stories your bank account tell, and how that has inspired a memoir that asks the question, “What if money told a greater story?”

  • How ash hit 6 figures in her first year of being an “online business”

  • Ash’s easy exercise to write with personality - and ditch jargon for good.

  • How to make your blog something that attracts clients to you and stop spinning your wheels creating content that nobody cares about.

  • Ash’s 3-part formula for writing blog posts people will care about.

    • Infuse your personality - #1 hands down

    • Teach them something interesting that they care about

    • Add in a little bit of expertise.

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Mompreneur Challenge:

entrepreneur ash ambirge the middle finger project

Stop aiming for perfection. You’re probably aiming for that perfect website, or that perfect book idea, and you aren’t getting around to even starting it.

TODAY take something on your calendar and reschedule it.

Take that time for yourself instead.


Quick Q&A:

What’s one of your favorite business books, and what was the key take away?

Manage Your Day to Day

Favorite business quote?

“What you’re doing is probably not novel unless you’re an inventor...but that should not stop you from talking about it in novel ways.” - Ash

What’s the one business tool you use that you cannot live without?


How can listeners connect with you online?





Ash Ambirge, brand language expert & trained linguist, former advertising sales exex and Director of PR for AWeber, she's the CEO & founder of House of Moxie, Inc and the very irreverent Middle Finger Project blog, where she discusses ways to start creative businesses, stand out in a sea of sameness, sell your ideas (because paupers aren't cute), handle clients gracefully, ask for the kind of money you really want, write things people really want to read, and learn how to take your idea, your concept, your project, your business, your baby---and turn it into a lucrative (as hell) hustle. Spare time activities include traveling full-time (she's lived extensively in Chile and Costa Rica, and traveled all over Latin America), writing memoirs containing filthy language, forgetting to water every plant in the house, pretending she knows how to oil paint (this is a big fat lie), cutting herself when trying to cook, and being jealous of people with private jets. Because, private jets.