033: Perfect Pitches + Positive Parenting with Mompreneur Joy Bianchi Brown

  • Your new golden rule: people don’t want to be bored! How to pitch your ideas and keep people entertained.

  • How Joy turned her parenting experience into a product

  • How to make child behavior into a game with rewards your kids will love.

  • The key tactic Joy implemented that won her a large grand prize during a pitch competition, and also helped make sales sessions in her sister’s photography business a success.

  • How Joy started a kickstarter campaign and earned ⅓ of its funding in the first 24 hours.
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031: Do more, work less, trick yourself into calendar sanity with Mompreneur Jill Salzman

  • How Jill batches her work and makes it LOOK like she is working more than she really is.

  • Why Jill blacks her schedule out with fake events - hint - it gets her to do what she wants instead of overbooking herself

  • How Jill prevents herself from overbooking herself because others want to be on her calendar

  • Why Jill doesn’t believe in separating work from family life, and how she melds it into one (and is less overwhelmed this way)
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30: How to Talk About your Business with Impact and Get Your Message Across - with Mompreneur Ellie Scarborough Brett

  • How to answer ANY question during an interview (or not during an interview) and make people really care about your answer (and want to hear more)

  • How Ellie got featured on the Today Show just a month after her first business started.

  • Your first step in creating a video intro that gets people inspired (and makes them want to know more)

  • One quick business change that cut Ellie’s work hours and made her more efficient

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A {not so quick} break for maternity leave!


They happen.

They happen to ME!

mompreneur baby picture

Meet Edwards baby #3 - Oliver Henry. 

My sweet, sweet little baby!

My June-August maternity leave from Crazy Ambition is over.

I'm excited to start talking to the most awesomest mom entrepreneurs out there again, and share everything with you!

The next episode will be out September 24th, and will be weekly again from there!

029: Increase your bottom line 30% by “playing” instead of “paying” with Mompreneur Nellie Akalp

  • Increase your bottom line by becoming the expert with unpaid marketing and no hidden agenda.

  • How Nelly increased her bottom line 30-40% by being disruptive in her business.

  • Why following her old business model of success almost caused complete failure in her new business

  • How relationships and service skyrocketed her second business to the top, even with so much competition.

  • How to be significant, not just successful, and why we should all strive for that.

  • Why even after selling her first business to Intuit in 2005 for a large sum of money, she still went back to entrepreneurship.

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028: OD'ing on M&M’s - Spark curiosity with disruptive language & get ready to persuade with Mompreneur Bushra Azhar

  • An easy exercise to write memorable copy that sparks curiosity

  • Why disruptive language is key to everything you write, what it is, and how to use it.

  • Bushra’s memorable guest post pitch that works

  • How to prime your audience for the sale even when you’re giving them free content

  • How Bushra uses Quora, Reddit and facebook to grow her business without promoting herself (hint: this is easy and not at all what you’ll expect)

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027: Get the media to seek out your expertise, and more PR tips with mompreneur Heather Holtschlag

  • How to get the media to seek out your expertise

  • Heather’s 20+ year inside edge on what writers and publications are looking for

  • The #1 mistake people make when pitching the media

  • 2 ideas to make your business newsworthy, even when you think it isn’t.

  • The easiest, most inexpensive way to keep yourself in front of your customers (hint: it’s not social media)

  • How to write a newsletter that will keep your readers interested (instead of bored)

  • Why hiring an intern can be the BEST thing you’ll ever do

  • Where to start looking for an intern

  • How to create an internship that his infinite value to the intern, even without pay.

  • How heather turns “no” into more possibility.

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026: Show your uniqueness through images and copy on your website with Kira Hug

  • How to reinvent yourself and your brand - there’s more to you than being a mom.

  • How to plan a crazified photoshoot that will resonate with your brand and make people remember you.

  • The reason behind Kira wearing an eye patch and full-on pirate garb.

  • How to show your quirkiness/uniqueness in your branding.

  • How to pitch yourself to podcasters to get publicity.

  • Why you must use your words and your images on your website to stand out from the rest of the crowd.
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025: Baby Seller that Lived in my Basement + Niche Benefits without committing to a Niche - solo Mompreneur episode

What selling babies has to do with finding the hole in the market and taking it over.


  • How to sell babies...wait...just kidding!

  • How Gerty the baby seller found a need (people who needed their secrets kept but didn’t want an abortion) and filled it (selling babies without leaving a paper trail...aka forged birth certificates)

  • You don’t need to commit to a niche if you follow the roadmap of baby seller Gerty, especially if you are in a small market that can’t support a small niche.
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024: 4 Pillars to Mama Bliss with Mompreneur Kathy Stowell

Self-care, Creativity, Values & Simplicity - how to use them to skyrocket your business and life.

  • The 4 pillars to mama bliss and how you can use them to excel your business and life

  • Finding your peak time to work and play so you can be the most efficient mompreneur you can be!

  • How and why Kathy works with a VA so she can feel like a superhero with the ability to do anything

  • The best way to prioritize your day without feeling like your brain is going to explode

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022: How to turn your “drains” into “fuels” that motivate you and make you feel good with Mompreneur Erin Baebler.

and why self-care is NOT a luxury, but a necessity in your mom business.


  • Why self-care is NOT a luxury, and it IS a necessity as a mom entrepreneur.

  • How to schedule a self-care “hit list” so you can find the time to do them without the “but I don’t have time” excuse.

  • Drains on you - both big and small - and how to get rid of them for good.

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019: How to Start a Business with a Newborn in Tow with Mompreneur Nicole Gleeson.

and how Nicole turned finding out her daughter would be born with a birth defect into something positive for girls around the world.

  • From planning summer camps to kits for girls and their moms

  • How a crazy pregnancy and finding out her daughter was going to have a birthd efect created a positive company.

  • The final straw that made Nicole decide she HAD to hire an employee.

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017: Baby Einstein Founder on Naming, Targeting 2 Markets, and Selling to Disney with Mompreneur Julie Clark.

The evolution of (2) of mompreneur Julie Clark’s new products, how they came about, their challenges, and what she’s doing now to move them forward.

  • Naming your product and why Julie is considering changing one of the names of her product

  • Why asking for help and advice will be key to your success, and how to do so.

  • How Julie went from zero to products on the shelf in one year with Baby Einstein

  • How Julie uses a problem she has to create a product people want.

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016: The Mystery of What You Really Want - Get Clarity & Take Action with Mom Business Expert Megan Barnes

Why “what do I really want” is a never-ending question, and what you can do TODAY to help solve the unsolvable mystery.


  • Why “what do I really want” is a never-ending question, and what you can do TODAY to help solve the unsolvable mystery.

  • Why collaborating doesn’t have to be like your college “group” paper.

  • Why collaboration can give you unlimited possibilities, grow your business, and lessen your workload.

  • Why figuring out what you really want will lead to less overwhelm.

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