What the pregnant lady learned with Booze at the spa, a middle grade author and a circus freak.

...ok, kidding on the circus freak thing. Well, sometimes.

This itty-bitty city of 33,000 people & a working-class economy has HIGH class mompreneurs.

And I get to brag about these incredible mom business owners..

Introducing four moms that ROCK the business world in Butte, Montana, or just plain no how to get it done.



Booze Lady

Mompreneur Courtney McKee, co-owner of Headframe Spirits, aka "booze lady," knows how to create a brand.

She'll teach you the ins and outs of ditching flash for being authentic, and why that matters.

Just take a look at how her company bottles the "spirit of Butte" in a bottle, and incorporates the story into their website, bottle shape, label, EVERYTHING.

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mompreneur Julie Jaksha

Business Freak

Mom Business Expert Julie Jaksha knows how to stay connected with your family even WITH demanding working hours. She does it herself!

She'll teach you how to take advantage of the free business mentoring & planning that are present in ALL states. Seriously, this is invaluable, and Julie herself helped me with business plans, cash-flow statements, and bank meetings for funding for two separate businesses.

Julie is the Director of the Small Business Development Center for Headwaters RC&D in Butte Montana. 

Listen to the mom business expert podcast episode here.


montana mompreneur

Spa/Roller-derby Lady

This lady has got it together.

"It wasn't as hard as I expected" was the LAST thing I thought I'd here from Mom Entrepreneur Celeste Johntson, who started her business right around the same time she had her first child.

She'll teach you how to get over your fears, and how she has plenty of time for a social life (including roller-derby), time for her husband, and her children.

Listen to the mom entrepreneur podcast episode here.


Author Susan Adrian Barth

Middle Grade Author

She wrote a book. In months. Not years. MONTHS.

If you're wondering how Mom Susan Adrian Barth did it, you'll be surprised at her sort of "be the turtle not the rabbit" way of working.

She'll teach you how to complete a big project or start a new business over your lunch hour.

Listen to the Mompreneur Podcast Episode Here.





Pregnant Lady

crazy ambition mom entrepreneur lisa edwards

That's me, Lisa Edwards, fellow Mom Entrepreneur your host of Crazy Ambition.

What will you learn from ME as a mom business owner?

You'll learn that my perfect day would consist of drinking a coffee with a shot of Orphan Girl (not while pregnant, of course), at the spa, chatting business with other mompreneurs, business freaks and authors about how to get it all done and not lose your brain. Oh yeah, and somehow take care of those little munchkins at home.

After having my first child in 2011 and already owning a business, I about went insane, lost my marbles, went to the crazy house, whatever you want to call it. I was overwhelmed, tired, and uninspired.

And so I create Crazy Ambition, to rescue other mom business owners from getting put in the crazy house.

Learn more about me here.

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